ASV, LLC/Terex

Grand Rapids, MN

ASV, LLC-Paint Department

Manufacturer/painting skid steers-skid loaders

First Collective Bargaining Agreement May 11, 2015

Current Collective Bargaining Agreement effective May 11, 2017 through May 10, 2019

Number of Employees: 3 Union Members, 4 Total Employees


Union Committee

Paint: Steve Kruck

Assembly: Chris Solem

Assembly Steward: Chris Lipsey


NLRB rules in favor of employees. 13 terminated employees to be reinstated.

Company to fight in court severance package ruiling and Gissel Bargaining Order since speciality health care no longer exists.


The NLRB in Washington sided 2 to 1 in favor if the Employees of ASV and the ALJ in granting the Gissel Bargaining Order.  The Company has decided to cut their losses and sent reinstatement letters to return to work.  The Company however is requesting reconsideration of the Gissel because Specility Healthcare has since been ruled no longer a valid process for organizing.  The Union has filed a ULP charge for failing to bargain to a contract for Assembly workers.