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Current News and Events 


Project Management Training

M.O.S.T. has scheduled Project Management Training to be held January 7-12, 2018 in Kansas City, KS.  If you are interested in attending please contact the Ramsey Hall for an application and more information.


Attention Journeymen:

Local 647 is now an EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) qualified certification center.  If you intend on keeping our ability to be riggers at our nuclear facilities, refineries or the Xcel fleet, you will need this qualification.  The qualification consists of a written exam and a hands-on exercise that needs to be done on our rigging structure at the Ramsey hall.  The written exam can be taken in Ramsey or Mandan and can be taken prior to the hands-on exam.  Once you have taken the written exam, you do not have to rush to get the hands-on done as there is no expiration date on the written.  To become qualified, you will need to do both.

There is a pretest available on the Boilermaker LMS website.  If you do not take the pretest, you most likely will not pass the written exam.  To take the pretest contact Rich, he will compile a list and we will get you registered on the website.  

We will have a crane available later this summer for the hands-on exam.  We can accommodate about 15 per day for that portion.  Get signed up for the written exam sooner than later for a shot at the hands on portion before we fill up.


Carey Kowalski

Message from Stacey Bendish

Even though we and many people in America have insurance through their work, the changes proposed through repeal and replace will affect all of us (not just the 22 million who will lose insurance or the millions removed from medi-cade) negatively. The impact to our current insurance plans are too numerous to list here.  It's time to realize it is time to get involved and require our elected officials to do what is right for America not moneyed special interests.  The number on the the flyer will work for people in all states not just ND.  Click here for flyer.

Minnesota Mining

We encourage all members and their families to submit an email to the U.S. Forest Service in opposition of the proposed lease withdrawal of thousands of acres of mineral exploration and mining development in Minnesota.  The Boilermakers support mining in Northern Minnesota as it provides good paying jobs in an area that is in desperate need of them.  Please take a few minutes and click here for more information and to submit your opposition.

 Xcel Energy Gas Plant Bill

The Xcel Energy Gas Plant Bill has passed and Minnesota Govenor, Mark Dayton, is expected to sign this piece of legislation.  The Local would like to thank the membership for their interest and actions.

Certified Welding Inspector Scholarship Program

The Executive Board and membership voted to start a Certified Welding Inspector Scholarship Program to assist members in attaining the Inspector certification.  There have been many requests from area contractors for Boilermakers with a CWI certification; and in recognition of this need the Executive Board and membership approved this program.  Please contact Luke for details if you are interested.

 Non-Permanent Grandfathering Period Expiration

Please be advised that effective January 4, 2016, the Non-Permanent Grandfathering period for the Primary and Secondary out-of-work lists will expire.  Please click here for more information.

Building Trades Medical Screening

The International would like to make all current and retired members aware of the Building Trades National Medical Screening Program. This program provides free medical screening to those that may have been exposed to hazardous materials while working at a Department of Energy site. Please click here for more information.

  Clean Power Plan

Our work is –and must be- about more than just our bottom line.  Part of our job is helping make our state a better place for our members and your family.  We take our responsibility as Boilermakers very seriously, and therefore pay close attention to the legislative activity in St. Paul.  I am writing you today to express my concern about proposed policies that I believe will weaken, rather than build, our great state.  

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently released new regulations known as the Clean Power Plan that will have a significant impact on how we use electricity.  Under the rules, according to a study by Energy Ventures Analysis, companies we serve can expect to see a 35% increase in electricity rates by 2030.  That will have a serious impact on our ability to continue to be regionally competitive. Furthermore, it may cause power plans where we work to be shutdown, leading to a loss of jobs for hardworking Minnesotans.

I am deeply worried about the adverse consequences regulations will have on our state.  Minnesota’s economy is improving and employers across the state are still emerging from the recession.  Increased regulations will force businesses to forgo hiring new employees and send jobs to competitor states.  There will be fewer jobs for Minnesota workers and higher consumer prices for Minnesota families.

This is my assessment of the continued push for regulations, and I welcome yours.  This is America, and part of what makes our country great is that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.  We all have a responsibility to be informed and engaged citizens.  I wanted to share some information from the Coalition for a Secure Energy Future about the new regulations.

If you come to the same conclusion I have about these regulations, consider contacting your State Senator, Representative, or contacting Governor Dayton’s office. There are two simple ways to get involved. Click here to follow simple instructions to send a letter to your elected official and click here to sign a petition opposing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

The Local is encouraging all members and their families to let your voices be heard in support of our industry and trade.  Please click here to engage on the issue of the Clean Power Plan and click here to take a survery to express your support.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Minnesota is a great place to live and do business—and I’m committed to keeping it that way.


Luke Voigt

Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer

 Educational Trust Fund Created

An educational turst fund has been set up for the children of Thad Lais to help them with their future education.  If you would like to donate please make a check payable to: Thad Lais Children’s Memorial Fund and drop off or mail to any Wells Fargo Bank location.

JMEQ Testing/Journeyman Upgrades

The Local has been notified by the International that the deadline for journeymen upgrade/equivalency training has been extended until January 1, 2016.  Any Journeyman that has not gone through the Apprenticeship must have the JMEQ tests along with Journeyman upgrades completed before the deadline.  

Justice for MN Terex Workers

The NLRB has granted the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and Local 647 the Gissel Bargaining Order.  Terex is required to return 13 terminated employees back to work and bargain with the Union.  Please click here for the article with more information. 

Amendment to Referral Rules

Please click here for information on the offical notice of the Amendment to the Model Referral Rules regarding employment through NTD contractors.  Also, please click here for information on the qualifications that are required to be on the tank builder out of work list.  This amendment will become effective June 1, 2015.  Please click here to see a copy of the current Referral Rules. 

 M.O.S.T. Drug Policy

Please click here for information on the M.O.S.T. Drug Policy changes effective August 31, 2015.  

Insurance Eligibility Problems

If you are having insurance eligibility problems you need to go to the Boilermakers National Funds website and fill out a new Coordination of Benefits form.  Please click here for the website.

 Financial Advisors

Anyone that is thinking of retirement or investing is encouraged to contact Principal Financial Group. Please click here to see the products and services that are available as well as their contact information.

 Want to be a Boilermaker?

Please click here for dates and times to apply to start your career as a Boilermaker. 

   Want to form a Union?

Are you interested in forming a Union within your workplace?  If so, please click here for more information.

FHR Background Check Form

Please click here for the background check form that is needed for upcoming work this spring at Flint Hills Refinery.  Please sign, date, and submit the form to Midwest Safety Counselors, Inc. at 379 Bridgepoint Way, South St. Paul, MN 55075.  Once submitted and background is cleared your clearance is good for 90 days.  Status of background can be check at

DGC Background Release Form

Please click here for the DGC Background Release Form and here for the Madison form which are needed for work at the gas plant.  Print the form, sign, and fax to the Mandan Hall at 701-250-0988 or the Ramsey Hall at 763-712-9935.

TWIC Enrollment

The Local is encouraging members to get a TWIC card for upcoming work.  For pre-enrollment and to schedule an appointment click here. To schedule an appointment for Bismarck, ND (Thursday only) please call 701-223-4424, for Dickinson, ND (Tuesday through Thursday) call 701-483-6559.  The cost for the card is $128.00.  If you have any questions please call the Ramsey Hall.