Boilermakers Local 647

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Current News and Events


Affinity Committee

Recently, our Local started an Affinity Committee.  All members are invited to come add your views and opinions to any of the Committee meetings. 

The Affinity Committee is designed to welcome all ideas and views our members have on how we as a Local can maintain, grow, and succeed as a craft in our evolving industry.

Please come and provide your input as we want and need to hear any and all thoughts and concerns regarding our craft and work environment.  Meetings are currently suspended for the time being. 

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact either Jessica Bruneau at: or Justin Holzer at

Current MSHA

With the current economics, the mine production is at an all time high and is working at capacity.  We expect the heavy maintenance workload to continue .  Therefore, we would like to stress the importance of having a current MSHA.  There will be a few classes provided by the hall and you may also pay to get it at the Hibbing Community College. Please click here for more information on taking classes at the College.  If you do receive MSHA from another source, please let Rich know.

M.O.S.T. Project Management Training

M.O.S.T. has scheduled Project Management Training to be held January 12-17, 2020 in Kansas City, KS.  If you are interested in attending please contact the Ramsey Hall for an application and more information.

Pension Beneficiary Forms

Please click here for information on the new Beneficiary Designation Form for non-retired participants. 


Attention Journeymen:

Local 647 is now an EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) qualified certification center.  If you intend on keeping our ability to be riggers at our nuclear facilities, refineries or the Xcel fleet, you will need this qualification.  The qualification consists of a written exam and a hands-on exercise that needs to be done on our rigging structure at the Ramsey hall.  The written exam can be taken in Ramsey or Mandan and can be taken prior to the hands-on exam.  Once you have taken the written exam, you do not have to rush to get the hands-on done as there is no expiration date on the written.  To become qualified, you will need to do both.

There is a pretest available on the Boilermaker LMS website.  If you do not take the pretest, you most likely will not pass the written exam.  To take the pretest contact Rich, he will compile a list and we will get you registered on the website.  

We will have a crane available at least twice a year for the hands-on exam.  We can accommodate about 15 per day for that portion.  Get signed up for the written exam sooner than later for a shot at the hands on portion before we fill up.


Carey Kowalski

Certified Welding Inspector Scholarship Program

The Executive Board and membership voted to start a Certified Welding Inspector Scholarship Program to assist members in attaining the Inspector certification.  There have been many requests from area contractors for Boilermakers with a CWI certification; and in recognition of this need the Executive Board and membership approved this program.  Please contact Luke for details if you are interested.

Justice for MN Terex/ASV Workers

The NLRB in Washington sided 2 to 1 in favor if the Employees of ASV and the ALJ in granting the Gissel Bargaining Order.  The Company has decided to cut their losses and sent reinstatement letters to return to work.  The Company however is requesting reconsideration of the Gissel because Specility Healthcare has since been ruled no longer a valid process for organizing.  The Union has filed a ULP charge for failing to bargain to a contract for Assembly workers.

Insurance Eligibility Problems

If you are having insurance eligibility problems you need to go to the Boilermakers National Funds website and fill out a new Coordination of Benefits form.  Please click here for the website.

 Financial Advisor

Anyone that is thinking of retirement or investing is encouraged to contact MassMutual Wisconsin. Please click here to see the products and services that are available as well as contact information.

 Want to be a Boilermaker?

Please click here for dates and times to apply to start your career as a Boilermaker. 

   Want to form a Union?

Are you interested in forming a Union within your workplace?  If so, please click here for more information.