Minnesota PAC

After the upcoming November elections, the MN PAC Committee will be looking for extra help/support from the membership. This can be anything from attending PAC meetings/events, meeting with local politicians, and anything to help spread the concerns regarding the future of the Boilermakers. If you would be interested in something like this please contact Matt Olsen at 612-209-5290 or matt@bm647.com. 

To find your elected official please click the link below:

There is a proposed legislation in Minnesota that will mandate 10% of energy to come from Solar energy by 2030. This mandate will reduce Boilermaker work in our area. Please take the time to email your legislators in your districts (the link to legislators for your district can be found above) that these mandates will harm working class Minnesotans with job losses and increased electrical rates. Click here if you would like to use the form letter to email your legislators.

On August 25, 2015, U.S. Representative Keith Ellison visited the hall in Ramsey, MN.  He had a chance to tour the training center and speak with the Apprentices that were attending class that week.

The following day, Matt Olsen and the Lobbyist for Local 647 attended a fundraiser luncheon at the Minneapolis Club.  U.S. Representaives Rick Nolan and Keith Ellison were also in attendance.